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New Year, New Challenges...

Are you ready to make 2020 another successful year? iConix Design Wishes you a very Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year!

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas to all our Employees, Clients, and well wishers…

To our Employees, Clients, and well wishers…

Happy Diwali

Are you Still Using your 'Steering Wheel'?

Lucky you!

When fully autonomous cars hit the road in the near future, have you ever thought what happens to your steering wheel? That commanding feeling with the steering wheel in our hands and the position of a driver in the car as a boss is exhilarating! So when full autonomous vehicles become part of our lives, how hard it is to get rid of old habits? Particularly the seating position with both hands on the steering wheel and looking forward through the windscreen? I bet it takes a while to get used to. Our journey from one place to the other is going to be a completely different affair. When you no longer needs to be the authority of the vehicle, you have a full load of choice – to do your own things.

Sometimes I wonder are we really the ‘bosses’ of our own car? If so, why do we follow the instructions of GPS voice and reach our destination, even if know the route well? For comfort and convenience of reaching our destination faster?

Anyway, when these self driving cars start driving around us, I hope we have plenty of time in our hands to do important things that we could not do today because of traffic jams or long journeys or simply to keep our focus on the road. Adding to the new technology of autonomous cars, according to the insiders, the automotive industry is also gearing up for shared mobility. What would you rather do, own or lease a car (like these present days) or share a car for a particular occasion? If you think deep into the possibilities, it really looks exciting, who does not like to have a luxury saloon for work, a limousine for your wedding anniversary dinner and a robust SUV for your weekend adventure? These all permutations are going to be a reality with shared mobility – hopefully at a better price than owning or leasing a car.

I never imagined losing a steering wheel is so much fun!

'Appearance Vs Disappearance'

          Disruptions became normal events of day in these times. If you resist the change, the customers will change you. We hear a lot of scary and negative news about industries, particularly in the Automotive world. Western Europe auto sales down, Chinese market sales down and elsewhere people are holding on to spend on cars, until they know what technologies to go for. Established companies are cutting down the costs and reducing the number of people in thousands. Looks like there is a danger that established and traditional auto giants on the verge of disappearing altogether from the arena of automotive world. Is the ‘KODAK’ moment of time coming to automotive industry also?

           You never know!

           Although appearance plays a vital role in car buying decision, these days the technology became a major part of it – how green it is and how smart it can function.

             Desirability is enhanced by great designs. When the technologies and appearance come together and work in sync to create an impressive piece of automobile, there is a certainty that customer would love and buy your products. Hence if you are working in the creative Design sector or high-tech domain of automotive design, you don’t have to bother about your job or career. iConix Design nurtures the skills that are vital for making automotive industry to thrive.

iConix Design Ltd wishes our clients, customers, employees, partners and all our wellwishers a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Happy New Year!

'Mobility is the sign of life'

              Life is said to be in balance when you can handle work, life and pleasure with ease and joy. Every part of life requires mobility, it could be from ‘A’ to ‘B’ or arriving in style to impress. Modern life is already stressful with various roles we play, especially with the addition of ever growing technology and gadgets. And ever demanding lifestyle edges us to need more of simple, hasslefree and cost effective way to move from one place to the other.

             Our clients are under tremendous pressures to deliver mobility solutions in the modern era at right cost, in given time and with highest quality in products. This where our clients choose iConix Design Ltd for their complex engineering problems to get optimum solutions at competitive costs.

Are you ready for the new ride?

              Getting connected is good, but how well you and your customers are prepared for the disruptive technologies that will be going to shake your traditional thinking? Come to the new thinkers and fresh innovators for future ready solutions. Our Engineers are as passionate about new tech as you are!

Does ‘Form’ really follow the ‘Function’?

              With over 16,000 parts, modern automobile is the most complex and complicated piece of engineering marvel. Although it’s prime objective is to move people from A to B, these days a car is expected to do much more than their intended function. All the parts of a modern automobile work in congregation to produce the required mobility, infotainment, connectivity  and lifestyle experiences at the same time.

The X factor

                  With a given money, you can choose to buy from a range of cars. But, what is that ‘desirability’ drives the sales of a particular manufacturer’s model? Automotive industry now dominated by various players the established, the reputed and the newly borne. All compete with each other in terms of cost, quality and reliability. An Engineering solution is easy to achieve, if you have experience and expertise or have money to buy that expertise. What you cannot buy is the heritage and the skill to produce the ‘Form’ that creates urge or desire to buy an automobile. iConix Design Ltd is not only fluent in Engineering solutions for complex problems, but also got a keen eye to offer ‘aesthetic’ or ‘appealing’ alternatives to make the products desirable. This niche skill makes us unique and puts in front as their first choice.

We Understand Automotive Design AND Engineering at the same time...