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iConix Design is an IT, Design and Engineering Services company with a strong understanding of Design Element in Product Development Process.

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Who looks after the looks?

‘Looks are deceiving’, they say. The same ‘they’ also preach ‘if something looks and feels good then it is also good’. Confused by contradicting catchphrases? In this makeshift world of false appearances, it is not that simple and easy to spot the ‘worth to own’ ones. Products are primarily designed and developed for the purpose […]

Sharing Vs Caring

Sharing is caring? In these COVID-19 times? As the shift from traditional car ownership to shared mobility is rapidly approaching, we are now stuck with COVID-19. We all know the near future is not going to be what we used to. No shake hands, no cheek to cheek kisses or even no hugs, what a […]

Corona Virus – We Will Win

The way we live has now changed, may not be forever. But, for a brief period of our lives. Many things changed since the last pandamic over a hundred years ago. Internet, social media and superior technology achievements in last hundred years gave us so much information and know-how about the Corona virus (COVID-19) and […]

Steering Wheel

Are you Still Using your ‘Steering Wheel’? Lucky you! When fully autonomous cars hit the road in the near future, have you ever thought what happens to your steering wheel? That commanding feeling with the steering wheel in our hands and the position of a driver in the car as a boss is exhilarating! So […]


‘Appearance Vs Disappearance’ Disruptions became normal events of a day in these times. If you resist the change, the customers will change you. We hear a lot of scary and negative news about industries, particularly in the Automotive world. Western Europe auto sales are down, Chinese market sales are also looking bleak. Elsewhere people are […]


‘Mobility is the sign of life’ Going places is part of life. From cradle to grave, we keep moving for learning, work, pleasure and experiences. Every part of life requires mobility, it could be from ‘A’ to ‘B’ or arriving in style to impress. Modern life is already stressful with various roles we play, especially […]

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Engineering Design

Reliable and quality products require ingenuity built in at Design stage

Product Design

From concept to realisation, iConix Design capabilities help deliver cost effective solutions

IT Design

We offer Software development and smart IT design solutions for discerning clients


Our Knowledge is your advantage!


Computer Aided Styling, or CAS, is our core skill, where we excel to work with our clients


Computer Aided Design and Engineering plays a key role in automotive products’ design realisation


Designing Advanced Manufacturing systems ensures quality end products to customers


Software Development and Deployment services for our technology partners

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Driving technology for leading brands



Collaborating with clients at Concept level has a greater advantage to identify potential downstream problems at a very early stage and suggest useful package and feas solution to avoid costly mistakes.

Class ‘A’ Surfacing

Top quality products need high quality definition at Design level. Our world-class Surface Engineers ensure ‘production quality’ in every surface release process.

Feas Study

Creative concepts and Design ideas can only be realised when product function, package, costs, reliability and series production feasibility are thought of during Product Design gateways.



Variation is the intrinsic nature of mass manufacture. How we control it and achieve dimensional stability dictates product quality and reliability. Our DVA Engineers help clients manage projects better.


Our Body In White Engineers play a key role in high strength and light-weight body shell Design for modern automotives. Our experience in sheet metal design ensures faster BIW systems execution.

Fixture Design

Series production demands integrity in body assembly lines. Our Tools and Fixture Design teams provide innovative solutions that enable faster and robust production processes.

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