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Who we are and what we do?


Since 2008, we serve our clients in niche Product Design environment and provide IT solutions.


...is to enable our clients to realise their dream design ideas into reality faster and better.


...is to be the first choice for solutions that our clients look for at optimum cost and time.

Our Story

Who we are?

      iConix Design Ltd is an IT Design and Engineering Services company with a strong understanding of Design Element in Product Development Cycle. We are a specialist technology company providing  niche services to IT and Automotive OEMs & their Tier 1 suppliers. Established in 2008, iConix Design has been at the forefront of offering niche Automotive Design and Engineering Services to our customers.

   iConix Design Ltd’s specialised Product Design and Engineering services meet and often exceed our customer expectations. Our expertise in Class ‘A’ Surfacing and Rapid Concept Modelling help achieve our customers realise their Design dreams faster and more accurate. Our background in Vehicle Systems and BIW (Body in White) Engineering is vital to reach Production Quality geometry creation milestones with fewer iterations.We provide both in-house and offshore project execution for your product engineering design requirements.

What we do?

Why choose iConix Design Ltd?

           We are a team of highly skilled and experienced design engineers who are well conversant with Exterior and Interior of an automotive vehicle. Our engineering team is capable of working closely with the OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers to enable them to realise their product design ideas.
            Our key area of strength is to understand the complex engineering problems of modern vehicle design, propose and resolve at a pace that our elite customers demand. Our experience in 3D elements and knowledge of  geometry generation plays a key-role in achieving project milestones for our reputed customers. Our team’s expertise in Vehicle Engineering not only offers cost-effective solutions, but also nicely fits in their product design gateways.

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