‘Appearance Vs Disappearance’

Disruptions became normal events of a day in these times. If you resist the change, the customers will change you. We hear a lot of scary and negative news about industries, particularly in the Automotive world.

Western Europe auto sales are down, Chinese market sales are also looking bleak. Elsewhere people are holding on to spend on cars, until they know what technologies to go for.

Established companies are cutting down the costs and reducing the number of people in thousands. Looks like there is a danger that established and traditional auto giants on the verge of disappearing altogether from the arena of automotive world.

Is the ‘KODAK’ moment of time coming to automotive industry also?

You never know!

To save yourself from disappearing in these fast changing times, don’t just upgrade to the latest technologies, but also focus on ‘appearance’ of your product and your rich ‘heritage’ that could woo the seasoned customer.

Although appearance plays a vital role in car buying decision, these days the technology became a major part of it – how green it is and how smart it can function.

Desirability is enhanced by great designs. When the technologies and appearance come together and work in sync to create an impressive piece of automobile, there is a certainty that customer would love and buy your products.

Hence if you are working in the creative Design sector or high-tech domain of automotive design, you don’t have to bother about your job or career. iConix Design nurtures the skills that are vital for making automotive industry to thrive.

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