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Capture Imagination

Capturing Imagination | Delivering Design Dreams Faster and Accurate

Imagination differentiates between the ordinary and the acclaimed.

From ancient artefacts to the contemporary desirable products, Designers’ imagination contributed immensely. Creative processes involve imagination. 

Right from form, theme and function -> to the reliability, robustness and cost of manufacture – all elements of a product creation process require a thorough brainstorming of ideas.

If the job of the Designer is to deeply involve in the concept creation, then who undertakes the task of capturing these precious ideas at the right time and transforming them into fruitful objects?

A million dollar question, indeed.

As Robin Sharma says, ‘ideation without execution is delusion’, capturing Designer’s ideas and executing them accurately has a great deal of role to play in a Product Design Industry.

Digital technology is awesome. It is transforming the way we visualise the creative thinking of Designers. Revolutionary digital tools are helping the downstream engineering teams to reduce time and cost to capture and deliver the dreams of Designers. At increased accuracy.

The beauty of this new tech is to precisely understand the Designer’s complex shape assumptions and communicate with the Engineering and tool makers in real time and provide alternative options to enable mass manufacturing.

And guess what, all this hard work happens in the background and does not hamper the creative design process.

iConix Design is well conversant with the latest digital technologies to better serve our discerning clients. Our IT and Product Design Engineering team’s experience is pivotal in providing digital solutions for complex modern day’s challenges.

As the lessons learnt and the ongoing research into digital technologies progresses, the Design and Manufacturing Industries are the real beneficiaries.

Take CAS and CAD tools we effortlessly use at iConix Design, they make a product designer’s life much easier. And could save a lot of time and cash for the whole industry.

Another great example of digital technology is virtual testing of a product or service before it is being presented to potential customers. Virtual testing or CAE, also known as, is an indispensable computer software that ensures the reliability and functionality of a product or service before it is physically built by spending millions.

Accuracy is another benefit of digital technology.

Imagine manually building a physical model (or a clay model) of an automotive exterior that accommodates all the regulatory requirements accurately and presenting it to the senior management for sign off. It's a time consuming and highly skill demanding job.

But, our digital rendering expertise can portray the accurate real life product portfolio in the program reviews for speedy decision making by the senior executives.

The day is not too far to experience the machines taking over humans. But in an amicable way of course. Thanks to ever increasing and accelerating research into AI, the tools we use are becoming more user friendly and enhancing the way we live our lives.

The one thing that we keep ourselves apart from a lifeless machine is our power of innovation.

Thousands of years of rich cultural heritage and its contribution to the wellness of every being on the planet are essential for our future design strategies.

We humans recognised the role we need to play in the planet’s ecosystem to safeguard our future generations. The ancient cultures have inculcated these values in their lifestyle a long ago. It’s time for modern tech to adopt the age-old traditions that ensured the co-living of the entire living species of mother earth.

At iConix Design, innovation is at the heart of what we do.

Rich multicultural heritage and the latest digital knowledge puts us at the forefront of our clients when it comes to choosing the right partner for their product development challenges.

We are only a click away from serving you better.

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