Form and Function

Form and Function

Does ‘Form’ really follow the ‘Function’?

With over 16,000 parts, modern automobile is the most complex and complicated piece of engineering marvel. Although its prime objective is to move people from A to B, these days a car is expected to do much more than their intended function. All the parts of a modern automobile work in congregation to produce the required mobility, infotainment, connectivity  and lifestyle experiences at the same time.

This is where the conflict of interests arise.

Form does not necessarily follow the function, for cost a major factor in a mass manufacture. And ‘igniting a desire’ to own a car becomes even a bigger element to increase the desirabillity of a product.

We at iConix Design Ltd are conversant with form as well as function of any system in an automobile, thus our clients prefer what we offer. Our services are designed to resolve any complext engineering problem in an automotive development.

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