Who looks after the looks?
Design Look After Looks

Who looks after the looks?

‘Looks are deceiving’, they say. The same ‘they’ also preach ‘if something looks and feels good then it is also good’. Confused by contradicting catchphrases? In this makeshift world of false appearances, it is not that simple and easy to spot the ‘worth to own’ ones.

Products are primarily designed and developed for the purpose of function or use. Customers do buy such products, but the intended purpose of products alone cannot ignite desirability. Something else to be inherent during the conception of a product.

Design is the discipline which can evoke the desire in customers to own a product that’s not just produced for its intended purpose.

Again, we hear a lot that ‘all that glitters is not gold’. It may be true to some extent, but no one will buy your gold if that is not polished enough to shine. Like gold got its value intrinsically, if your product is also inbuilt with quality and design, then there is more chance you can have a fan following. Major industries are actively involving ‘Design’ from the very conceptual stage.

In particular, the automotive industry has pioneered the design of vehicles to amuse the customers. When the technologies are converging to offer ACES, and many traditional and just born startups rapidly are catching up with such advanced systems, the selling proposition becomes even harder.

Historically, heritage of a brand has been playing a vital role in attracting new and retaining loyal customers. Still it does. But, we can see the start of ‘Design Driven’ products to capture the traditional market shares in a big way.

iConix Design is proud to be part of this revolution since inception to play a key role in Design discipline to work closely with our esteemed clients to deliver the finest quality surface designs that glitter all the way. We don’t claim we are the surface design doctors, but we definitely are capable of looking after the looks of your products.

Our Class ‘A’ Surfacing capabilities encapture the design ideas and deliver them to the downstream engineering applications as high quality and most production-friendly digital data that enable the OEMs to produce their products to awe their ever demanding customers.

So, next time when the question of looking after the looks springs to your mind, please do contact us. iConix Design is here to help realise your Design dreams.

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