Corona Virus – We Will Win

Corona Virus – We Will Win

The way we live has now changed, may not be forever. But, for a brief period of our lives. Many things changed since the last pandamic over a hundred years ago. Internet, social media and superior technology achievements in last hundred years gave us so much information and know-how about the Corona virus (COVID-19) and its anotomy. While it is a good thing that the people in any part of the world can access such information, that could save lives. It is also annoying that there is a widespread of rumours and fake news about cure and surrounding stories.

We are neither experts in medical sciences nor got authority to advise you, but we can only direct to the links where you can find trusted, useful information available. Please visit the following pages for Corona Virus (COVID-19) up to date information:

NHS Advice:

UK Govt Advice:

Please remember that we will win and emerge stronger than before. Only to remind yourself that keep positive, stay safe and plan for future. The top things to do during these strange, but difficult times are developing strategies, staying fit and practising mindfulness.

Stay Home, Stay Safe and prepare for future.

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