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Is there anything such as free lunch?

Is there anything such as a free lunch?

When we hear about something that is free, first it creates an interest in us. And then casts a cloud of doubt on whether it is really free?

Because, we are always taught ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’.

Most of our lives experience things that are at a cost, whether at an unbelievable value or at an extortionately expensive price.

Take mobility costs, historically they have been dropping day by day, albeit some hiccups due to the occasional middle east wars. But, now we are at a spectrum of complete technological change. As global warming is causing havoc to our green planet, electrification of vehicles became a new norm.

Of course, at a steep cost – both for the manufacturers and the end users.

The OEMs have to invest heavily in research, development and in all new manufacturing lines.

An average BEV (full electric) car is not at the same price of an ICE engine propelled vehicle. At least for now.

Although new technological innovation is not cheap (certainly NOT FREE), there will be a time when the time is right and ripe. And the economies of scale will result in profits for OEMs. According to Hildegard Wortmann, boss at Audi claimed that in the coming two years Audi will be profitable in selling electric cars than ICE propelled ones.

Free Charging

So, what ‘free lunch’ got to do with our electrification of mobility for us?

The ultimate objective is to generate the energy for charging vehicles for FREE.

What? Free transportation? Err, how and when? 

Did this create an instant surge of interest energy in you? Of course, it might have. The Prime Minister of India, Mr Modi came up with the Solar Alliance of the world nations.

This move is big, it is what happened to the middle east countries for oil in the 1950’s, in the same way, the members of solar alliance are going to experience in a decade from now.

Once the solar panels are installed in huge numbers across the countries that are in and around the equator line of our planet, then the energy production could be virtually free. Yes, there are initial investments and running costs. But, due to the nature of perpetual availability of sunshine, the energy produced will never dry down.

The Bottleneck – Charging Times

Apart from weight and cost of the batteries, the other challenge the car manufacturers need addressing is charging time. 

Innovative startups already started to pave the path to produce cheaper batteries at a lighter weight. And the technological companies are looking at the reduction of charging times.

Fast charging technologies will make the electric cars a breeze, both for the customers and the planet.

Is the concept of FREE lunch good for you?

The primary objective of any business is to make money or precisely profit. Not by hook or crook, but by providing products or services as expected by a potential customer from your brand.

So a respected brand in the market has a perceived value and customers do demand quality at a fair price. Then how come we suggest you offer your products or services for free?

The concept of FREE lunch is not new. A lot to learn from the ancient cultures where precious commodities were given away for free. And look at the modern digital revolution, many ideas, some products and services are provided for free on the internet.

The world renowned concept of Yoga was actually taught free in India during the vedic times. The miraculous Ayurveda, the world’s first medical science, is in fact free in most remote villages still in India. The consultation and some treatments with plant based medicine is virtually free of cost at many Ayurvedic centres in India.

It is astonishing to know that the world’s best ancient universities taught many disciplines for free. The oldest global university Takshila not only provided university education for free, but also offered accommodation and food for free.

The benefits of FREE lunch offers…

Genuine free offerings do bring a flood of customers initially, the trick is to retain such customers for a long time. With an honest heart and helpful mind, you can start winning customers by providing a set of freebies like valuable information, precious links and priceless experiences in your field.

We are thankful to our clients and our team who continually support us so that we too can either provide or point in the direction of free digital resources.

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