Happy Diwali 2020!
Happy Diwali 2020

Happy Diwali 2020!

As we probably all know, Diwali is the festival of lights. The word Diwali is the convenient form of ‘Deepavali’, which literally means a row of lit lamps.

Based on the Hindu Lunar calendar, Diwali festival usually comes in October or November month.

This 5 day festival truly is a global celebration, firecrackers, rituals, scrumptious sweets and cherishing gifts make Diwali the most awaited and lovingly celebrated festival of the year.

Traditionally earthen lamps are lit to welcome light to remove darkness from lives. Considered to be one of the oldest festivals, Diwali is celebrated since Ramayana times. For millennia, people celebrated Diwali with vigor, joy and happiness by coming together to lit lamps, share great food and wish each other to prosper even better.

Lord Rama defeats demon king Ravana of Sri Lanka to rescue his dear wife Sita. The people of Ayodhya lit lamps to welcome Lord Rama with his wife on the day of Diwali back home.

In 2020 the lives of many in the world experienced unprecedented times. Deep troubles shaken our very existence stuck by the terrible coronavirus pandemic.

Deepavali festival signifies the victory of goodness over evil, as portrayed in Ramayana.

Thus Diwali 2020 is very significant for showing the light at the end of this long, difficult and dark tunnel of pandemic period.

The positive news of vaccine that nearly works is a great relief, albeit most countries are still under lockdown 2. Hopefully by Christmas, we all can see some form of normality in life.

iConix Design wishes all our customers, partners, employees and well wisher a very Happy Diwali and a Prosperous New Year! (Next day of Diwali is New Year for many business communities in India)

Also, we all at iConix Deisgn pray for your safety and health in these difficult times.

When you are back to (new) normal and looking for uncompromised project execution, please contact us for a competitive quote for your IT, Design and Engineering works.

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