Valentine’s Day 2021 | What else is in the Air?
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Valentine’s Day 2021 | What else is in the Air?

Yes, we can feel that – love is in the air!

We are not too far from the season of romance and allure, the Valentines Day! 

Spreading love is what we desperately hope for and is the need of the hour. We have been terrified by the spread of scary things all these days. The governments and the relevant authorities are doing all that they could to stop the spread of the deadly COVID19 virus.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

But, during the Valentine’s Day season, apart from the love, what else is present that we should be wary of?

Precisely the good quality air should contain 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 1% other gases. The tiny 1% is what we should be aware of and could result in dangerous effects to human lives.

According to WHO, the pollutant particles in the air cause whopping 7 million deaths a year. Transportation industry’s contribution to this dreaded pollution is well known.

But, there is good news!

The automotive industry is going through a phenomenal transformation in this decade.

Led by Elon Musk, now the richest person on this planet, many startups and the most established auto giants are now creating fully electric vehicles.

This change from traditional burning of fossil fuels on the go to rechargeable energy sources gave hope to the better air quality in the cities and towns.

Yes, it is an inconvenient affair for most of us, charging and planning ahead of your road trip and range anxiety are just a few to name. High cost of ownership and no availability of all types of vehicles also put us off for opting to go green.

It is evident that the sales trend of Tesla and Elon Musk becoming the world’s richest is the endorsement of customers and investors that electric cars are the future.

As the vaccination drive all around the world is gaining momentum, like the world’s biggest one in India, we are not too far from the better future. Coupled with green vehicles on offer, the automotive industry is indeed going for a brighter, loving future.

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

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