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Product Design

Idea generation to package studies, surface definition to part releases, our team got it all!

Engineering Design

Innovative solutions for complex engineering issues offered at competitive costs.

IT Design

Our smarter software professionals resolve today’s digital challenges at lightening speed.

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Our Specialist teams with suitable experience in IT design and automotive engineering are available for wide range of clients who demand highest quality in project execution.

Case Studies

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Feas at Concept

When we got involved at concept stage, our experience in downstream engineering applications helped spot potential feasibility issues at right time. That led surprising cost savings for our clients. Modern automobiles contain smart electronics and robust mechanical systems that require feasing out right from the initial product design processes.

Eliminate Physical tests

Major costs involved in testing technical systems of a quality product for preparing and executing physical models. Our CAD and CAE professionals create and run digital tests at a fraction of traditional costs. Our engineering teams also consistently provide accurate test results.

Optimise Deviation

More and more smart systems in a product require dimensional stability when assembled for part function. Instead of wasting money in accurate parts manufacture, our DVA engineers innovate and control deviation in a product system for DM/DVA (Design for manufacture and assembly variation)

Smart Package

Space saving in smart products is a skill and only experienced package engineers can possess. Our package teams in product design environment work closely with various engineering systems to provide simple and optimum package solutions that can enhance product quality and function.

Avoid expensive mistakes

Technological products’ manufacture demand huge investments. Wrong decisions and mistakes are the last things our clients hope to happen. Our experienced engineering resources work together to avoid costly errors in downstream processes.

Adopt Disruptive Techs

iConix Design Engineers are well conversant with the latest technology innovations and equipped with tools and processes that help our clients and their OEMs evolve in these challenging autonomous, connected and electric cars (ACES) revolution.

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