Sharing Vs Caring

Sharing Vs Caring

Sharing is caring? In these COVID-19 times?

As the shift from traditional car ownership to shared mobility is rapidly approaching, we are now stuck with COVID-19. We all know the near future is not going to be what we used to. No shake hands, no cheek to cheek kisses or even no hugs, what a strange reality? We will still keep a good 3 feet social distance for the foreseeable few months, or even seasons! 

So what happens to shared mobility?

Born with the new technologies of electrified, connected and autonomous mobility, aka, ACES, shared car ownership also sprouted the hope for big growth. To change the lives and economies around the world in automotive/transportation industries. When a smart ass identified the idle time of a car in the parking lots, with the thought of autonomous technology, suddenly the idea of shared ownership sprung into the mind. The OEMs saw the potential to make the money to keep the cars moving to serve millions of people and the customers noticed the cost advantage of paying only when used to move. A win-win solution indeed!

But, with COVID-19 destroying the lives of humans and wrecking the economies of the world, what hope do we have to upscale the idea of shared mobility?

As the race for the vaccine trials and roll out is on warfoot basis, there is a hope that life will reach normality soon. Likewise, there will be some research in how to disinfect a used car before handing over to the other rider or user. There are costs involved and there are uncomfortable feelings discerned.

Once the normality returns, there will be accelerated efforts to implement the ACES technologies to recover or compensate the losses of the lockdown, we reckon.

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