Steering Wheel

Steering Wheel

Are you Still Using your ‘Steering Wheel’?

Lucky you!

When fully autonomous cars hit the road in the near future, have you ever thought what happens to your steering wheel? That commanding feeling with the steering wheel in our hands and the position of a driver in the car as a boss is exhilarating! So when full autonomous vehicles become part of our lives, how hard it is to get rid of old habits? Particularly the seating position with both hands on the steering wheel and looking forward through the windscreen?

I bet it takes a while to get used to. Our journey from one place to the other is going to be a completely different affair.

When you no longer needs to be the authority of the vehicle, you have a full load of choice – to do your own things.

Sometimes I wonder are we really the ‘bosses’ of our own car? If so, why do we follow the instructions of GPS voice and reach our destination, even if know the route well? For comfort and convenience of reaching our destination faster?

Anyway, when these self driving cars start driving around us, I hope we have plenty of time in our hands to do important things that we could not do today because of traffic jams or long journeys or simply to keep our focus on the road. Adding to the new technology of autonomous cars, according to the insiders, the automotive industry is also gearing up for shared mobility. What would you rather do, own or lease a car (like these present days) or share a car for a particular occasion?

If you think deep into the possibilities, it really looks exciting, who does not like to have a luxury saloon for work, a limousine for your wedding anniversary dinner and a robust SUV for your weekend adventure? These all permutations are going to be a reality with shared mobility – hopefully at a better price than owning or leasing a car.

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