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Elements of Better Product Design

If ‘cash’ is king in finance and ‘content’ is king in web publishing, then definitely ‘geometry’ is God in Product Design.

And data is supreme in IT systems.

The objective of any Design system is to achieve better performance and greater user experience. Gone are those days of designing products or services just for functionality and making money (or for increased sales).

Thanks to the advanced IT and computer systems that immensely help in creating products and services that ignite desire in customers and clients alike.

A grand design is the sum of many micro elements (or bytes in IT terms). Let’s have a look at the basic building blocks that form the actual product (or service).

‘Take care of Pennies, and the pounds will take care of themselves’ is what we all know. Similarly, in the process of any system design, the engineer needs to carefully consider the basic elements and carry onto the overall design.

The quality of these components, whether they are any geometrical properties or set of data dictates the final product functionality as well as the desirability.

You probably would not quest for a great design result, if you fail to pay reasonable attention to the geometrical integrity of that product’s design.

Fortunately, modern digital technologies are our saviours by providing tools to focus on the micro elements of design.

You don’t have to be an engineer to be conversant with the geometrical elements such as a point, a line or a circle. And certainly, you don’t need to be a technical expert to define a point or a line or a circle.

As we all know, a point needs three coordinates to define in 3D. A line is a geometric element that joins two points - hence two sets of three coordinates denote a line. Likewise, a circle is a focal path that is equidistant from its centre (aka, another ‘point’).

Once you are confident that your primary geometric properties are drawn with the highest quality, you can expect the product (or system) to perform at its best and entice many potential customers.

Modern consumer goods and the articles that you want to possess unfortunately are not made up of just these essential geometric elements. They have much more complex and complicated forms which require another level of geometry constituents. The sexy shapes are the result of segments called ‘curves’.

Ever demanding consumer expectations caused an intense research into the design elements by the department of aesthetics. Exceptional competition in the market to retain the leadership in its field, many great companies invested in great designer and state of the art digital technology to deliver outstanding products to allure the customers.

Take a look at the transportation industry, iconic automobiles are not just superior at performance, reliability and quality, but are also stunning to look at.

Designers meticulously crafted all the visible shapes (or Class ‘A’ Surfaces) by spending enormous amounts of time and money.

The result? Unimaginable fan following and a brilliant sales increase.

Even the 21st century hi-tech gadgets like mobiles, gaming consoles, computers, laptop, tablets and even the VR headsets to experience the metaverse are designed using complex curves or splines for their desirable looks.

Being at the forefront of high-quality geometry creation, we, at iConix Design, are committed to deliver the best design solutions that help our clients to create exceptional products and services. Our finest product and IT design engineers generate precision geometry that accurately defines the Designer’s aspirations.

Please get in touch with us for your Product Design needs, we are just a click away!

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